Arjhan David Neal Brown

Master David Neal Brown has had a storied career in the martial arts.  He is one of the most sought after instructors anywhere.  With over 45 years of experience he has had the privilege of training with some of the worlds greatest teachers including GM LeungTing founder of the WingTsun system and GM Toddy who is largely considered the best Muay Thai trainer in the world.

In 1993 Master David founded Total Confidence Martial Arts in Bellingham, Washington.  TCMA quickly became one of the largest schools in the northwest. Since that time Master David has been a driving force in the martial arts gaining widespread notoriety in combat sports.  in 2005 Master David founded the International Muay Thai League which became the largest Muay Thai only sanctioning body in the pacific northwest. Over the years Master David has trained numerous champions in Muay Thai.

In August 2007 Grandmaster Toddy awarded Master David the title of Master in Thai Martial Arts.  Master David also received his judge's and referee's license in Bangkok from Grandmaster Woody at the Muay Thai Conservation Center of Thailand.  Master David is one of the few people in the U.S. to receive the Title Master of Thai Martial Arts directly form GM Toddy in Thailand.

Master David has worked in experiential and special education for many years and has a thorough background in Neurolinguistic Programming. In 1998 Mr. Brown retired from education to pursue his lifelong dream of being a professional martial arts instructor.  He has a B.A. in Asian Studies with an emphasis in Chinese history from the University of Puget Sound and a BA in Psychology from Western Washington University. 

In 2011 Master David decided to return to school to complete a long held goal of completing a doctorate in psychology.  He sold his school in Washington and relocated to San Antonio to attend graduate school.

Martial Arts Experience and Professional Accomplishments

  • President and founder of Total Confidence Martial Arts
  • Created unique and superior systems of staff development.
  • Pioneered systems for aggressive student service that has elevated the level of the martial arts.
  • Established standards of professionalism that have raised the level of the industry.
  • Recipient of Outstanding Management Award from World Council on Martial Arts for excellence in school management 1998.
  • Received  recognition from Washington's Lieutenant Governor for community contribution through martial arts.
  • 2009 served on the Washington state boxing committee
  • Board Member of the United South East Asian Cultural Association 
  • Martial Arts and Fitness Expert including tactical fitness for first responders
  • More than 34 years experience in the martial arts.
  • Mastery in WingTsun Kung Fu and direct disciple of the art’s founder Dr. Leung Ting.
  • Mastery in Pilipino Escrima.
  • Certified Master of Thai Martial Arts under world famous Grand Master Toddy (Thosophon Sitiwatjana).
  • Certified EZ Defense instructor
  • Qi-Gong expert: Xu Xing Ping Shui Gong, Ba Daun Jin, and Wu Ji Qigong sets
  • Certified Muay Thai Judges and Referee License from the government of Thailand (MCCCT- Muay Thai Cultural Conservation Center of Thailand)
  • Created Total Body Fitness™ physique transformation program.
  • Created the Martial Arts Professional Standards Group™
  • Created the IML-International Muay Thai League™
  • Created PWS- Progressive Weapons Systems™
  • Created LRC- Lock, Restrain, Comply™ system. Defensive tactics for Law Enforcement Officers
  • Created CG- Counter Grappling™ Program
  • Created CRT- Close Range Tactics™ Program
  • Created CE- Commitment to Excellence- Character Development Program for children and adults