Coach Amai Clark


I am currently an Information Technology specialist working as a System Administrator with Baptist Health System in San Antonio, TX. After separating from the United States Air Force at Travis AFB, CA in 2002, I searched around for a decent paying job and was somewhat unsuccessful. I moved to San Antonio, TX in 2004 and began going to School. After graduating from ITT Technical Institute in 2007, I received a decent paying job and began looking for other things to further enhance my life.

My martial arts training began when I was about 7 years old in Spain. Since then I have taking various arts through the years, but none really stuck, even though my interest was still high. Everyday life began to take its toll and martial arts faded more and more into the background of my life. A change needed to be made once again, so in 2008 I was watching a martial arts film (IP Man) with a friend and somehow the fire for martial arts burned again. I searched for a Wing Tsun school in San Antonio and came across Dragon Martial Arts. Once I met Sifu Gilbert Leal, it was over! I dove in head first, and for 2yrs I trained hard in art of Wing Tsun. Through the Dragon Martial Arts School, I was introduced to Arjhan David Neal Brown. Arjhan Brown offered to teach Muay Thai out of the Dragon Martial Arts School on Saturdays and I gladly joined. I have now been training in the art of Muay Thai for about 3yrs and it has been great! My life has enhanced in so many ways from training in Muay Thai. I am currently enrolled in the instructor program and rigourously working towards my blackbelt.