Coach Dale A Young II

Dale Young II is a native of San Antonio, TX.  Graduated from Holmes High School in 2000, and 2005 with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Electronic Engineering from ITT.  He is really just a simple and humble guy that enjoys the arts as much as the sciences, and aside from work and training, he enjoys spending his free time volunteering for hospice, being outdoors, reading, playing the piano and guitar, and spending time with his best friend and wife, Robin.

"I had always been drawn to martial arts as far back as I can remember, but one day that talking turned into action.  One of the greatest choices I have ever made in this life was taking that first step into the compelling dream when I entered Dragon Martial Arts, and had the honor and privilege of becoming one of Sifu Gilbert Leal's students in Wing Tsun Kung Fu.  Then one day I had the privilege and honor of meeting Arjhan David Neal Brown, whom walked into Dragon Martial Arts with something I had never even thought about; it was the art of eight limbs, which is Muay Thai.  I had no idea the impact Muay Thai would have on my life.  I had no idea how Muay Thai would challenge me, nor did I have any idea what I could do.  I had no idea how strong I was physically, mentally, nor spiritually.  I am still learning, and always will be.  Muay Thai found me, and I am eternally grateful!  The martial arts are a great way to bring about such glorious and joyous changes in one's own life by simply leaving the comfort zone behind so that we may expand our world.  There is so much learned in martial arts that can be applied to every aspect in life, and that warrior spirit can also be applied in all that we do through constant and never-ending improvement.  There are no limits, and I am truly beyond honored to be a part of this family as they are my family through and through."