Coach Tanya Khalfan

Tanya Khalfan has been in the health and wellness industry for 7 years working in diabetes prevention, reproductive health, injury prevention for adolescents, breast cancer awareness and cervical cancer prevention. Currently, I am the Media Coordinator at University Health System and coordinate media materials including newsletters, blog postings, website updates and assists with the development of public service announcements. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Community Health from UTSA and a Masters of Public Health from Loma Linda University.

"My Muay Thai journey began in early 2012. Martial Arts it was not something I ever envisioned myself getting into so hesitation washed over me as I began my first Muay Thai class wondering what I was getting myself into. During my first class I felt extremely awkward. I was unsure if I was punching or kicking correctly but everyone around me was very encouraging and let me know I was doing great. After class it helped to find out that most people said they felt the same way I did during their first class. Whew, that made me feel so much better! Being a female I loved that people urged me to step out of my comfort zone but didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. I took baby steps becoming more comfortable as each day passed. Since that first day I kept coming back and I have seen myself change in many ways: I am stronger both mentally and physically, my reflexes are quicker, I’m not as clumsy, I have grown & changed into a better person, and most importantly I feel more confident in my ability to protect myself if an unfortunate situation presented itself. For that I am thankful I decided to join this Muay Thai family!"