CRT A Common Sense, Scientific Approach

CRT™ is a fast moving, highly effective art. It is functionally the quickest, most deceptive and most intelligent system available. Unlike Karate, Tae Kwon Do or many other Kung Fu styles, the CRT™ system does not use yells, high kicks, fancy movements or board breaking to demonstrate its effectiveness. This system places emphasis on speed of reactions, physical sensitivity to the actions of your opponent, and precision of technique to overcome the opponent.


The Difference? A Strategy of Fluid Adaptation. A Flexible System with Something for Everyone.

The CRT™ student never uses power, brute force or pre-arranged movements to defend against an attack. Instead, s/he uses sensitivity to the movements of his/her opponent to overcome his/her opponent’s strength. This is developed by a special training method called Chi Sau or “Sticky Hands.” This allows them to deflect the opponent’s force and to use the opponent’s actions against him in such a manner that the opponent will actually defeat himself. This method of fighting by simultaneously feeling and reacting to the movements of the opponent, rather than attempting to use a set pattern, results in the development of a Martial Art that is difficult to defend against. One cannot defend against the strategy of a CRT™ practitioner, because s/he is constantly adapting. The combination of efficient movement, common sense, and emphasis on redirecting force makes CRT™ one of the most effective systems for personal protection. People from all walks of life and all ages can benefit from learning this incredible style of Martial Arts


WingTsun is the preferred style of martial arts for military and special operatives across Europe.

David Neal Brown training in Hong Kong with GM Leung Ting

David Neal Brown traveling with GM Leung Ting in China to open a new school

good times!

David Neal Brown with Hawkins Cheung

CRT has practical combat strategies for ground scenarios.