Muay Thai

Muay Thai is an ancient art of combat from Thailand.  Muay Thai is not kickboxing. It is so much more than that. It is often called the art of eight limbs because we use kicks, knees, punches and elbows. Muay Thai has a long history of ring sport.  Because MuayThai is so efficient at stand up combat it is the style that most MMA fighters train for their stand up game.  Even though competition is a big part of MuayThai it is not necessary to compete to get the benefits of Muay Thai.  Many do Muay Thai for the incredible health benefits. It is also one of the most practical self-defense styles anywhere.  Whether you want to experience Thai culture, compete, get fit, or learn to defend yourself Muay Thai is the style for you.

What makes TCMA Muay Thai different from other Muay Thai gyms?


1) Arjhan David Neal Brown was trained and promoted by Pramarjhan Thosophon Sitiwatjana as a master of Thai Martial Arts.  This rank is recognized by the Royal Thai Ministry of Sport. Muay Thai became popular very fast with the rise of UFC.  As a result many people started teaching "Muay Thai" without being fully trained.  Many are not even aware of how deep the Thai Martial Arts go. At TCMA we teach the full system of Thai martial arts including weapons (Krabi Krabong) and the ancient (Muay Boran) style. We teach it accurately and in detail. 

2) We teach traditional MuayThai in a modern style.  At TCMA we employ the latest scientific strategies to help everyone develop their full potential.  There are right ways to train and there are damaging ways to train.  Too many gyms end up hurting their students because they are doing exercises that are outdated.  Worse yet they try to "toughen" up their students with macho training by beating down their students. At these kinds of gyms only lunk heads survive. Their is a direct and smart way to train athletes for optimal performance.  We understand the sport science behind movement and performance. At TCMA we are focussed on helping each and every student develop skills and reaching their personal best. 

3) We have superior teaching strategies.  David Neal Brown has in depth experience as an educator.  He has used his knowledge of pedagogy and psychology to create a state of the art curriculum. You can be guaranteed that  you will be following a direct progression that is easy to understand with enough challenge to make it fun and exciting.  A structured curriculum means that you will not have any gaps in your understanding or performance of Thai martial arts.

4) Our instructors are the best anywhere. In most martial arts schools senior students are put in charge of classes with little or no training. This is a terrible practice. It leads to poor quality and sometimes terrible injuries. TCMA has an intensive instructor training program. Our instructor training program consists of careful selection including background checks, 2 years of education on sports science and teaching methods, and 500 hours of on the job training. All of our graduates of our instructor program have the equivalent of an ACE personal trainer certification.