The Arts

The TCMA system is a multi-discipline system consisting of Thai Boxing, CRT™ Close Range Tactics™ (Wing Chun), Counter Grappling™, and PWS™ Progressive Weapons Systems™ (Pilipino Escrima). Each system is taught in depth and completely.  Though we teach multiple systems, we take great care to make sure that each system is presented authentically and at the highest quality. By teaching multiple systems, you can be assured that you will experience all important areas of martial arts development and not be constrained by dogmatic and impractical approaches.

Muay Thai Or Thai boxing is one of the best ways to get in great shape.  Thai boxers are known as the best conditioned athletes in the world.  It is fast, fun and provides a competitive outlet for those seeking to compete.  ThaiBoxing develops great agility and a fighting spirit.

CRT™  Close Range Tactics™(Wing Tsun) is the ultimate martial art for close quarters self-defense tactics. CRT is a no-nonsense approach to protecting yourself.  It develops incredible sensitivity and adaptability in the body.  CRT™ has the most scientific ways to develop proper reactions to extreme violence.

PWS™ Progressive Weapons Systems™ (Pilipino Escrima):  Learning how to deal with weapons attacks is an essential skill in the martial arts.  PWS™ is conceptual weapons based system that develops lighting fast reflexes. Timing, power,transition and rhythm are all key attributes that PWS™ can bring out in a student.